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Webcam Capture, a standalone tool to enhance the capabilities of your webcam
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Webcam Capture is a standalone tool that will enhance the capabilities of your webcam.
This ultimate tool will easily integrate into any available webcam device in your system to make it a more capable monitoring and surveillance application.

This application facilitates a host of features for your webcam, these features can be summarized as: perfect monitoring and surveillance, facilitated to save all captured images in jpeg format, saves images to local hard drives, easily uploads all captured images to FTP servers, icon residing in the system tray can be operated with a right click, this icon can be used to control; start or stop capture, preview option, open settings menu, about and exit menu. The application also provides settings that allow you to customize features like: capture option that allows saving image to specified folder, upload image to FTP, capture and save picture delay; the FTP option that will configure your FTP server, and the camera settings option to configure your camera or capture source device with your system. All in all this is a simple to use tool with amazing end user capabilities.

Surendra Keshav
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  • Compatible with any webcam or digital camera available on your system
  • Perfect monitoring and surveillance
  • Facilitated to save all captured images in jpeg format
  • Saves images to local hard drives
  • Easily uploads all captured images to FTP servers


  • Interface provided only in English
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